Be Advised that these sites take you away from the Rigdon Church of Christ and we can not be Responsible for what is being taught, a lot of this is good material and sound but there is no way to read everything to check it out Thanks Rigdon Church of Christ

Here are some Bible software programs for your computer.

Sword Searcher   Another Bible program you can download.
Bible Gateway  This is a great place to look up and read scripture on line and is also in multiple languages.
BiblePro This is also a very good program has a free trial download , for what you get is very well priced.
Theophilos3.0 This is an excellent program for those who like adding there own lessons and sermon topics. 

There are several different software programs on the market today and I have tried several of these programs and I have also tried other software programs not listed here that are very expensive for what you get I still go back to these cheaper programs. A lot of the more expensive programs you get you just end up with a lot of information that is not necessary.
If you have any questions reference any of the programs or would like to know more please contact myself.


World Wide Directory Find churches of Christ all over the world This is kept up by 
Silbano Garcia 11 Who is the first to ever have a web page for the church of Christ on the Web.
This site has approximately 250000 hits per day and they
receive approximately 1000 emails each day
the site is also in several different languages
Another Place to find Churches of Christ

Churchzip. Includes the National Directory of the Churches of Christ.
Directory: findthechurch. A new directory of churches with maps.
World Directory of churches of Christ. A list of many non-institutional churches.
World Wide Directory Churches of Christ. Fairly complete list of all churches of Christ.

White Pages of Church of Christ Members
Yellow Pages of Churches of Christ


Gospel Advocate     Online Christian Book Store.
Taylor Publications Mr. Taylor here offers different song books and also several different tapes and cd's of Acappella groups.  Mr Taylor is one of the most knowledgeable on song books for the church than anyone I have ever met. 

Study Tools/Online Lessons
Bible Gateway searchable online Bible
Johnson's Notes   An online commentary
The Christian Library     A great study tool and search tool.
Sermon Outlines and Bible Studies by Mark Copeland
David Padfield  Different lessons and topics
Ferrell Jenkins' Biblical Studies Page
David Riggs  
Audie Mckee

Special Interest and Individuals

Philippians, Colossians & Philemon on the Internet. Some links I recently pulled together for a Bible class.
Romans on the Internet. Some links I recently pulled together for a Bible class.
Ancient Road Publications. Original scholarly material by Kyle Pope. Articles, Photos, Clipart, Software, etc.
David Arnold's Bible Study Home Page. David is one of the web pioneers.

Warren Berkley has good material and Expository Files.
Bible 101. Biblical Studies Index.
BIBLE inSITE. Carey Dillinger, Leesburg, FL.
BiblePage. Bob West has great links on creation and cults. Another web pioneer.
The Bible Speaks. Good page of Bible teaching. Prepared by Richie & Lonette White.
The Bible Speaks. Workbooks and videos by Robert Harkrider. by Allan & Beth McNabb.
Bible Study Page. Jack Glover. Paden City, WV.
Bible Talk with Jeff Asher.
Bible Tracts. Good Tracts by Robert L. Schales.
BibleWeb: Your Christian Web Portal. Bill Blue.
BibleWorld. New site by Ferrell Jenkins with downloads in PDF.
Brass Tacks Site by Gary Henry.
Church Library Page by Ron Milliner.
Joe Neil Clayton. Sermons and class material.
Bill Cook's Inductive Bible Study Page. Where the conclusions you draw are yours.
Debate Encyclopedia. Tommy Thrasher provides a list of debates.
Executable Outlines. Mark Copeland - the web pioneer. Great materials. Widely used.
Faith Matters. Rubel Shelly. Recent debates: Resurrection of Christ & Existence of God.
The Family Together. Daily devotional plan by Dee Bowman, Bubba Garner and Jason Moore.

Ferrell Jenkins Home Page.
Dan Goddard. Garden City, MI. Hundred of sermons & articles about the church. Conservative institutional.
Gospel Gleaner.
Gospel Way. David Pratte.
Grand Old BOOK. Web page of Walton Weaver. Lists his publications.
Mike Hughes' Home Page.
The Interactive Bible. Steve Rudd seeks helpers around the world.
Jonah. The entire book of Jonah in comic book format by Philip Williams. Great resource for young people.
Gary Kerr's Home Page. Includes Ask Your Preacher articles by Curtis Porter.
Light to My Path. David Pratte.
Lord I Believe. Material by Hill Roberts on creation/apologetics.
Maps. Good printable Bible maps by Manna on CD. Photos, Timelines, etc.
David McClister & Palmetto Church of Christ. David has good original material.
Meeting Islam's Challenge. Ney Reiber.
Doy Moyer's Home Page.
Tim Nichols: My Two Cents Worth.
Alex Ogden. Also Ogden Publications.
David Padfield. David provides biblical material, Bible Land photos, and web help.
Dan Petty's WWW Page. Church History and Biblical Studies.
Shane Scott. Shane has a good new page called Faith and Thought.
Standing Alone. A new page directed to teen ager and college age students.
re:thinking. Allan Turner: Good original material including commentaries.
Resource Center for Bible Students. Maintained by Warren E. Berkley.
Resource Page by Steve Stamper.
Salvation. 25-lesson interactive course on salvation.
Short Answers to Tough Questions. Leon Mauldin.
Simple Bible Studies. Carey Scott. Houston, TX.
Study Well. Resources by Doy Moyer.|
Suite 101: Biblical Apologetics. Edited by Doy Moyer.
Thaxter Dickey Web Page. Dr. Dickey is chair of the liberal studies program at Florida College.
Web Help and Clip Art. By David Padfield.
David West. Reflection on Another Day of Infamy (9-11).

Online Cards

3D Antimated Greetings -
Bible Verse Greeting Cards
Bible Verse Art E - Cards
Country Whispers
Deerlake Digital Postcards
Heartlight HeartCards
Hugs and Smiles
Kissed By An Angel
Lifeway Christian Stores
Love This Site
Net Inspiration
Promise Of God

     Angel's Cybercards - Antimated

Bible Characters

Bible Characters -- Joe Price
Men and Women of the Bible -- Karl Hennecke
Old Testament and New Testament Men & Women -- Brian Yeager  
Pictures and People of the Bible
Bible Verses on Selected People in the Bible
153 Names of Men of the Bible -- Web Bible Encyclopedia


Bible Atlas Maps (Set of 20)
Bible Class Atlas Index
Bible History On-line
Bible Maps --
Bible Maps --
Bible Maps of Bible Times and Lands - Interactive Bible
Blueletter Bible Maps and Images
Dinur Center for Research In Jewish History Historic Maps
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Geography & The Bible -- Bible
How Far Is It?
Jewish Virtual Library
Land of Israel
MapBlast! BlastOff
Outline of the Story of Jesus Using Maps
Palestine in the time of Christ
PC Library Map Collection
Perseus Atlas Index
Roman Empire Maps
Take a Free Trip on AutoPilot
Welcome To Mapquest

Online Newsletters.
Gospel Minutes
Gospel Gleaner

Christian Universities
Freed-Hardeman University
Lipscomb University
Florida Colledge
Harding University




Camp Songs  Includes 94 of our favorite songs, 242k in Microsoft Word Format.  
Children's Songs   Includes 91 songs, 165k in Microsoft Word Format.